Too little, Too Out of Touch

Antichristian evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart apologized for his comments about killing gay people. {Full Story}  In a weak statement that shows his complete lack of integrity, Swaggart said that his statements were meant in jest.  He added that he couldn't imagine his words could insight violence against the gay and lesbian community.    How he could say that after his audience applauded his statement (not laughter, applause!) escapes me.  They obviously didn't think it was a joke.How can we allow people like this to say such inflammatory things without challenge?  You know I am a supporter of free speech, but they say, "You can't yell fire in a crowded theater."  Doesn't something like this fall under the same category?  I find it hard to believe we live in a country where Janet Jackson's breast is more offensive than a man with blind followers advocating murder / hate crimes.  Does that mean that clansmen and Nazis are allowed to pay for broadcast calls for violence on American TV?

We really need to challenge our National Conscience about this subject.  If Swaggart had made the same remarks about any other minority, he would not be given a break just because he said he was joking...  I mean he's no Eminem...

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