O My God! Literally!

  Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart threatened to kill gay men!! {Full Story}  Speaking against same gender marriage, Swaggart endorsed the homophobic rationale behind most hate crimes by saying he would commit one himself.  This is the true face of the antichristian evangelical movement.  As a survivor of their insanity, I have to say, this is a rare glimpse into their way of thinking.  Like when Benny Hinn claimed that God would kill all homosexuals with fire in the mid 1990's.  {Listen}  Did you hear the crowd's response?

This is why they fight against civil rights for gays and lesbians.  They are blinded by hate, fear and loathing.  They would like nothing better than to have all people that are different from them to fall off the face of the earth... or as they tell it, they can't wait to be 'raptured' away.

Now add to Swaggart and Hinn, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell blaming the 9/11 attacks on homosexuals among others. {full story} plus James Dobson and Greg Koukl attempting to rationalize anti-homosexual bigotry, and we have to wonder how these people can pretend to be anything but the hateful monsters that they are.  Sugar sweetened poison is still poison!

Stop for a moment to think about something for me.  The Neo-cons in congress did not have time to take up a bill to classify terrorism against homosexuals as hate crimes, but they did have time to vote on the Marriage Restriction Amendment...  most Neo-cons have an allegiance to the evangelical movement... no wonder they don't want to punish terrorism against homosexuals with the same severity as terrorism against Christians.  Interesting, isn't it.