Ihr Führer is coming to town

The Neo-con Messiah is coming to town

God save us

God save us all.

I just heard that Bush is coming to Poplar Bluff, Mo. Dear God, what is wrong with these people??? Why would they ask that evil, self-righteous, destroyer of all that is good and just to come to town?

Evil runs rampant in our country. It is stalking us while we sleep. Vote this November. Be heard. This is the most important election to face us for a long time. This man represents everything that is wrong with our country. If we do not send him back to Texas in November, we will deserve the nightmare that will follow. The choice is simple:

The Bush Way

The Right Way

  • Keep the children of ignorant of the real world we have discovered through science.

  • Embrace the scientific spirit of inquiry and truth.

  • Murder Convicts and Foreigners, not embryos and unviable babies.

  • Don't murder anyone.

  • Support Tyrannies (Russia, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia)

  • Work to end tyranny, and spread democracy.

  • Ignore terrorism, fight Iraq.

  • Fight terrorism, finish Iraq.

  • Corporations über alles.

  • People first.

There is a choice, get active and make it.

Side Note on Bush's visit

I don't know of any organized protest that will be taking place during his visit, and I don't know that it would even matter. Protestors are kept so far away from him that he wouldn't even notice; and well, let's be honest, the "mainstream" media hasn't been covering the protests very well have they.

We have to beat this man in November and save our country.

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