Why did I make that promise?

**Rant Alert: Illogical Gibbering may follow**As the fatigue is racking my body, and mind... I haven't been able to keep a meal down for a couple days (and even that doesn't seem to be helping with weight loss), add to that spending most of the day yesterday preparing dinner only to find out that they had already eaten at pizza hut (arrrrrrrgh!), and being so far behind on my own work that I can barely breathe, I am starting to wonder why I promised my sister that I would put my career on hold to become a household servant to my folks.  Look, I realize they need some help around here, but it is getting ridiculous.

Now, I admit that I am not in the best mind to blog right now, seeing how it is 6:17 and have no idea what to prepare for dinner...  My God!  Would it kill somebody to say thank you once in a while?  I need to be writing 2,400 words a day to make my goal (not a high number), but I have only been able to do about 243 w-o-r-d-s--a-- d-a-y!  Look folks, I am trying.  I have the aches and blisters to prove it.

I now understand the women's lib movement... I may be a man, but sign me up.  Now one deserves to be treated as a dreamless, unpaid servant who has nothing better to do than to sacrifice there hopes and dreams so the dishes are done and dinner is on the table.

I am sorry if I ever treated anyone this way... I must have or I'm paying off karma for something else.  I am sincerely sorry, and I apologize to the universe and every one in it.  Please forgive me, I am making my atonement.

PS: New Merch

New T-shirt and Tote bag available in store. I added them this morning. [Link]

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