:D The Second Episode of Phara-un is finished!!

I know it took a long time, but that is why I am going to right the whole season before they are released to make sure they all come out in a timely manner. For more information on Phara-un [click here]. And their was much rejoicing.

Sabbath Bloody SabbathCalm down, I'm talking about the song, not some tragic event in the news. I was just listening to Bruce Dickenson's cover of the classic Black Sabbath song, when I dawned on me: That song is so much like my life. I have been angry before, but nothing like I have been lately. The very notion that basic human dignity is a question for the electorate to handle... Dear God, what is wrong with these people.

Everything came to a head last night when General Kill-the-Idolaters was on 60 minutes [their side]. I was so enraged, I had to leave the room. I heard the 'sermon' he gave. I heard him speak to the neo-cons in christian clothing on their shows saying he was unapologetic and mean the anti-Muslim slurs he had been touring the nation giving.

I am not as angry at him, as I am at the nation for tolerating such blatant hypocrisy. I am angry for not doing everything in my power to stop these people from tarnishing and destroying everything good about this nation.

My anger has always been reflexive. When I became angry at others I would hurt myself (and I have the scars to prove it), but that has all changed. My urge for self destructive rage has waned, now all I think about it sharing my anger with you through my writing.

You have been my salvation, and I just wanted to say thank you. Though there aren't many of you now, each month your numbers are growing. Thank you for taking time to check me out. The Revolution continues. (Rage + Hope = Creativity) Thanx for giving me hope.