A Divine Comedy

Hello, y'all. I took the last couple days off to rest and recuperate, I wasn't feeling too well, not that anyone really noticed. I had a stomach bug, and I'm not sure it is completely gone, but I am going to at least try to get some work done. So I took a look at the news, and what did I find:A Divine Comedy

More proof that self loathing fuels the anti-gay bias of the 'Christian' Right. TBN (trinity broadcast network) founder, Paul F Crouch has paid off a man to keep an alleged gay affair secret [LA Times Story, Planet Out Story].

Now, I don't know if it is true, or not, but I do know his wife looks surprisingly like a drag queen [a pic of Paul and Jan]. Having suffered under these people for a long time, I know from experience that many of these anti-gay preachers have more than skeletons in their closets.Now, I know this will probably not affect these money hungry charlatans with the evangelical herd. To question Paul and Jan among these people is tantamount to heresy (it's practically the only this that is.), but I hope this will open the eyes of those people on the fringes of the evangelical herd, and drive them to a real protestant church, like the Episcopalians, or to at least question the flawed basis of their theology.

That Gnawing Feeling

I blogged about it Saturday, but it just hasn't gone away. That sickening gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know the one I'm taking about. That nagging pain that tells you something just ain't right. As you know, I suffer from a persistent black cloud that haunts me worse than my own shadow, but I have reason to wonder if this might be something more. I have noticed a bitter sweet tone in the voices of the people I talk to. They are letting their shoulders slump, and their speech to lack authority. Is their something wrong with us all... maybe it's just me.