We remember...

oday, we pause to remember the terrible attack that happened three years ago while the government slept {proof}.  We will never forget those who died, nor will we forget those who did this to us.Many of us will go about our regular day-to-day activities, until someone mentions the date... then that sick feeling rises in the gut.  That all to familiar pang of national loss.  We lost a lot that day.  Some lost a parent, spouse, a lover, a sibling, or a child.  Their pain may never go away.  Their suffering may ever haunt our nation.  Their loss is also our loss.

On Sept 11, we lost 3,000 dreams never again to be dreamed.  On 9/11, we lost 3,000 souls... their laughter... their tears... their hopes... their lives were taken away in that tragic hour.  We must never forget:

There is more to life than commerce.

...more to life than empire.

...more to life than lust.

...more to life than passions.

...more to life than possessions.

There is more to life than any of the petty things that hold us down!

Liberty the cost of freedom.

Never again can we pretend that anything we do can make us safe.

Never again can we pretend that individuals don't matter...

It would have taken only one eye to see the problem,

one voice to call out the danger,

and one ear to respond.

The cost to look away is too high for any to pay again.

The cost to be silent is too high for any to pay again.

The cost to turn a deaf ear is to high for any to pay again.

One and all, together as one, we must look, speak out, and listen.

To do otherwise is no longer conscionable.

News on and about this day

  • Let's never forget Afghanistan-- The Soldiers remember, and the Taliban gets stronger...{full story}  Just as we will never forget that day, we should never forget those who did this to us.

  • Politics in Afghanistan...{full story}  I can only pray that education and democracy will one day flourish in the land of harm and poppy seeds.

  • Sympathy and hatred in the middle east...{full story}  It still boggles my mind how any administration can squander the good will that arose in the world after the attacks.  But, it happened.  Now the world is a far more dangerous place.  Dear God, please help us.

  • This is how they see the war in Iraq...{full story}  We tend to forget the last five hundred years of European aggression against Muslims, but they haven't.  Now matter how noble the rhetoric, all they see is more aggression by a European state.  We have to take a more nuanced position, or we will continue to give our enemies the aide and support they need to rouse people against us.