''Town Hall'' Wrap-up

by C.E. Dorsett

It looked like an episode of Oprah, with the two men emerging from the wings. Kerry looked energetic and ready; Bush looked put out to be there.

Kerry scored the first strike answering a question on whether or not he is a flip flopper. “He turned his campaign into a weapon of mass deception,” he said, cutting straight to the heart. He then laid Bush's lies out on the table and shot them down one by one.

Bush, on the other hand, sounded like he did in the last debate. His head jerked around erratically as he tried to soil Kerry's honor. He really looked like a bobble head doll, weak and lacking anything of substance to say. He avoided the issue of the report on weapons of mass destruction that came out yesterday, justifying the war as an attempt to defend the oil for food program. Yeah, that sounds convincing...

“The world is more dangerous today, because the president made the wrong decision.” Kerry explained that Bush attacks his positions because he has nothing to run on. He lost jobs, Iraq is in chaos, the Taliban are on the comeback in Afghanistan, the man has nothing to run on. Bush just kept saying, “You can't run away from your record.” No Mr. Bush you can't! You can try, but you just can't.

Bush may try to ridicule the UN, but I think Kerry said it best: “The Sanctions worked Mr. President, he had no weapons.” I was so glad to hear him say that. You know I posted that after the last debate, but Kerry didn't let the opportunity pass him by today.

I hate to be so shallow, but Bush really made me dizzy with his noodle neck, hand waving, and desperate wavering falsetto voice. The Brat was alive and well on stage. Little baby Bush throwing a fit when he is challenged. What was he doing?

Bush did say one thing that that I agreed with. He said, “I have made some decisions that caused some people not to see our good values.” Yeah, Bush, you can say that again. He seems to think a decision is right if the Europeans don't like it. What kind of a global test is that? Well, Europe disagrees, it has to be right! What on earth was he talking about?

Kerry then pointed to Bush's broken promises, capping with: “He rushed to war without a plan to win the peace.” He, then, pointed out that Bush went to war without the number of troops the generals wanted.

“Of course I listen to my general...” Bush rambled hysterically, “That is what a good president does.” That was Bush's new litany on the lack of troops in Iraq. “Of course I know that...” the new Bush mantra. What a spoiled brat! The angry reaction shot of the last debate was replaced by cold, steely- eyed seething.

“That is why we are doing exactly what he told us to do,” Bush said about Kerry's plan for Iran. Those are not the words of a strong leader. I have to ask, who told this man to replace “I'm working hard,” with “Naive and dangerous?” I have to admit, I became confused a couple times whether he was talking about himself or Kerry. (LOL)

This is how I heard the debate: Bush on draft... Lie about raising military pay... lie about military housing... stop defending South Korea from North Korea so we can have more troops for Iraq... WHAT? You have to be kidding. The man who is running for president as president is bragging that he weakened the defenses of one of our chief allies. I asked it last time, and I have to ask it again. Does this man know anything about North Korea?

Bush interrupted Gibson with an angry tirade. I thought he was going to hit Gibson? “Tell that to Tony Blair...” the crazy man began to dance around the stage repeating over and over again... What was that about?

Kerry was resolute, “This president chose tax cuts over homeland security.”

Bush responded by talking about the patriot act... The topic was the military... What does the patriot act have to do with the military? What is going on in this man's mind? I feel so petty saying this, but Bush looked like a disoriented rooster scratching around the pen. He kept interrupting the moderator, rambling about nonsense... I just don't understand this man.

A powerful moment was when Kerry looked into the camera and pledged not to raise taxes on people making under $200 thousand a year.

Bush got up and chanted, “Of course he's going to raise your taxes,” and then stopped. Gibson had to tell Bush he had time left.

It made me nauseous to hear Bush claim he was helping the environment. He listed his gifts to the auto industry, the lumber industry, the polluters, and then tried to link himself to the messianic calling he has tried so hard to link himself to.

Kerry than exposed his Orwellian doublespeak. “I would be a president who believes in science.”

Bush then showed his naiveté by mocking the Kyoto protocol. He still doesn't understand that the process was more important than the treaty. He abandoned both. That is not the action of a leader. He, then, denied that the Patriot Act takes away the rights of ordinary people... He even claimed that judiciary supervision was required under the Patriot Act. We've talked about this before. The man is a fascist, and he really showed his colors tonight.

The stem cell question came up... I don't understand these people who would rather see these cells tossed down the drain than to give someone a chance walk again. How is that an ethical position? If you believe that these bags of cells are a human life, why would you want them to be destroyed rather than used? Most embryos will never take root in the uterus, even if they were implanted. How can that be life? What kind of a God do you have to believe in that kills that many people?

When asked about the supreme court- Bush talked about the Pledge of Allegiance and Dred Scott. Both decisions used strict constructionism, like the judges he would pick. Don't be deceived, Bush wants to appoint Taliban inspired neo-con evangelical judges!

Kerry was amazing: “I cannot take something that is an article of faith for me, and legislate it for everyone.” That is the main difference between Bush and Kerry. Kerry believes in freedom of conscience and science. Bush does not.

Bush went on talk about “...building a culture of life.” The warmonger... the pro-death penalty... the pro-torture man talks about being for a culture of life. The question of mistakes... and again he couldn't find a single error. Instead of being honest, he distorted the truth about Iraq again. “I made some mistakes appointing people,” what does that mean? Was that a shot against Colon Powel? What a petty man! He took a chance to be self-reflective, and attacked someone in his own government.

What a jerk! Well, the brat was back. Does W stand for whimpering? weak? waffling? I really don't know anymore. This man is too dangerous to be reelected.

Right now, I don't know if I will watch the next debate... I don't know how much more of that spoiled, lying Bush I can take. I have tried to be civil. I have tried not to give in to the sickness that man fills me with. I can't take it anymore. He is a liar! He is a fascist! He wouldn't know integrity if it stood right before him... which it did.

John Kerry is a better man than I am not to start screaming at that man. Kerry in a landslide! Kerry in a landslide!