Ghost Dance is now in the Top Ten!

by C.E. Dorsett

I'm speechless... I know I am probably blowing this all out of proportion, but I have to celebrate while I can. I have one song in the top 10 on the progressive rock chart on! It gives me hope that there just might be a place for someone like me after all. Here are today's standings.

  • Motion

    • Alternative Chart- 89 {UP (from 133)

    • Electric Blues Guitar Chart- 45 {UP (from 62)

  • Ghost Dance

    • Progressive Rock Chart- 9 {UP (from 15)

    • Goth & Industrial Chart- 51 {UP (from 62)

  • Mission of Love (Ultimatum)

    • Alternative Chart- 194 {UP (207)

    • Progressive Rock Chart- 26 {UP (from 31)

Can you believe two songs in the top 40? It's at times like this I wish I had some friends to celebrate with, maybe someday... For now, I have you, my loyal readers, and those who got here by accident.