The Rosary: A Mythic Journey

by C.E. Dorsett

The Rosary, along with the Eucharist and Baptism, is one of the most important rituals in all of Christianity. Unlike the seven sacraments, the Rosary takes the believer through the central points in the myth of Jesus and Mary, allowing the believer to participate in the myth itself.

By nature, the repetitious prayers of the Rosary distract the body, allowing the devotee's mind to contemplate the mysteries of the faith within the context of a deep and profound meditation. Only the practitioner's mind stands between the soul and the Ground of being and nonbeing on which the faith rests.

Daily recitation of the Rosary allows the believer to experience their faith in a very real way. In my own practice, I have experienced the grace flow into my life through this connection I have forged through regular use of the Rosary. When there is a illness in the family or even a death, the sorrowful mysteries open, and the healing grace of God flows into my soul. Similarly, when great things happen, the joyful or (more rarely) the glorious mysteries have a profound impact on me.

The Rosary relates the soul to the mysteries of faith, and make the faith alive and relevant in every aspect of life. This simple act of devotion takes the ancient words and images of Christianity, and breathes a fresh life into them. It is a ritual at the very heart of the Christian experience.