Arrow Easter Eggs Hidden in a Boxing Ring

DC Comics asked an interesting Question: "Did you catch all those boxing match sponsors (DC Comics)?"  They go on to point out two things I found four.  How many do you see?

11:39 from the end of the episode

The first one is interesting, and they point it out themselves, "Ostrand brand a tribute to John Ostrander(DC Comics)," that is fun, but I think that there are some more interesting ones.

Reuther Rum

Reuther Rum is what Slade called "authentic Australian rum," in Arrow episode 215, The Promise.  This is a subtle reminder that Slade is planning an escape as he promised in the the season finale last year.

The next two excite me a lot more than they probably should.

Ferris Air

from Arrow

From The Flash

Ferris Air has been hidden in previous episodes of Arrow.  In season 1 episodes 22 and 23, Ferris Air is also used as an Easter egg.  If you don't know, Ferris Air is where Green Lantern Hal Jordon worked when he received his power ring.

I don't want to read too much into Ferris Air on these billboards, but...  I am such a huge Green Lantern fan, I want this to become a seed that will grow into a full series.  The last ad is the one that sent me over the edge.

Lightring Bourbon

Now, you are just toying with me.  Lightring?  Really?

I want a Green Lantern TV series so bad, specifically a Lantern Corp show.  I want all the space opera goodness in living color on my tv.  I doubt that is what this is leading to, but it fun to dream. 

Maybe, one day in the not too distant future, they will make a pilot, hopefully for the CW, and my dream will come true, but I realize it is a long shot at best.  Until then, I will keep an eye open for more Easter eggs.